Romain Bischoff, pi-lot cabinet de négociation à Genève

Celine is part of this new generation of trainers who are continually ready to challenge themselves to meet the specific needs of their clients. I had the chance to design innovative devices by her side for diverse audiences. She possesses this rare quality which consists in combining rigor and creativity. I recommend her professionalism and enthusiasm to any company wishing to boost its training offer.

Romain Bischoff, RH Manager, Geneva City
Philippe Meyer, pi-lot cabinet de négociation à Genève

A major project, very short deadlines, demanding personalities: a challenge noted by the firm pi-lot, whose collaboration in the framework of the organization of the Meyrin Economic Forum is now historic since its first edition in 2013. The 2018 edition was thus organized with precision and efficiency, with contagious enthusiasm and decisive availability for the success of the event. The professionalism and commitment of Céline Taïs have been crucial to achieving success that meets the expectations of all parties involved. The event received a lot of positive feedback: 82% of the participants want to participate in 2019! A big thank you and a big congratulations!

Philippe Meyer, Delegate for Economic Affairs and organizer of the Meyrin Economic Forum, Meyrin City
Florence Noel, pi-lot cabinet de négociation à Genève

The City of Meyrin has mandated the firm pi-lot with the aim of ensuring the success of the Meyrin Economic Forum (MEF), the first regional economic forum of the Canton of Geneva. Fully involved in the organization of this major event for our region, Céline Taïs was responsible for coordinating all the public, institutional and private partners, who led nearly 30 workshops on 29th, 30th and 31st May 2013, in addition to conferences and round tables for professionals and young people in training. In parallel, the negotiating skills deployed by the firm pi-lot allowed us to ensure balanced budget monitoring of the event, while respecting the values ​​of the municipality. As part of its mandate with Meyrin, pi-lot shows a very positive dynamism by issuing many initiatives, which allow to federate concrete inter-professional projects, initiated during this Economic Forum. A support coupled with a certain talent, which we warmly recommend.

Florence Noël, Delegate for Economic Affairs (2012 – 2015), Meyrin City
Catherine Daar, pi-lot cabinet de négociation à Genève

I participated in a pi-lot workshop on tips and techniques to negotiate well. This training based on a very practical and fun approach (analyzed video sequences, role plays, etc.) allowed me to move from theory to action with a simple and effective method. Following this training, I was able to put the techniques into practice successfully and especially without feeling uncomfortable, because one of the big challenges of the negotiation is indeed to be able to do with respect for one another.

Catherine Daar, Producer and presenter
Annick Monnier, Rivkine, pi-lot cabinet de négociation à Genève

I followed one of the pi-lot negociation workshops and discovered through this training negotiation methods that allow me to approach each “negotiable” situation with a tenfold confidence. Thanks to original preparation tools and targeted practical exercises, I was able to quickly exercise my new skills. Ms. Taïs shares concrete experiences and shares her expertise with a lot of passion.

Annick Monnier Rivkine, Director at eSkills

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Richard Delaye, Academic Dean, IMSG
Didier Faure, pi-lot cabinet de négociation à Genève

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Didier Faure, Project Manager, Innobridge Services Sàrl


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