Chart of Ethics

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The π · lot company and its stakeholders and employees, undertake to respect the rules of ethics described below, with the aim of ensuring unfailing professionalism and protecting the interests of the company and that of the company. its customers, and representatives of them.

We thus guarantee that our interventions are on the one hand in line with the legal commercial rules, and in accordance with the rules mentioned in this document:

  • The activities of the π · lot firm must be carried out in compliance with the laws and regulations in force and in accordance with the strictest ethical principles. π · lot employees and representatives must behave fairly in their dealings with clients, π · lot’s customers, competitors, suppliers, as well as with the various commercial or political relationships with their customers, and/or its strategic contacts, as well as all partnerships. In this respect, we guarantee competition regulations. We therefore prohibit any practice whose object or purpose is to prevent, limit or distort any competitive situation. π · lot can not be held responsible for the actions, rules and policies of its principals in this area.
  • Any information relating our mandates, our clients, as well as to our various business relationships, any data directly or indirectly related to prices, on behalf of suppliers and, or potential suppliers of direct or indirect competition from a provider and/or potential provider, to the contract and/or their duration and/or conditions, will be preserved in strict confidentiality, with the utmost loyalty. No criticism, no denigration will be expressed, clearly or evasively, concerning our competition, our business relations whatever they are, and this both internally and externally.
  • No discrimination will be tolerated against our associates and/or business relationships, whether due to age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, family situation, their nationality or their disability, and undertake to show the greatest respect and to treat them with dignity. In its relations with the state, and/or government authorities, its customers, its suppliers, π · lot is prohibited from any fraudulent practice and any act that can be assimilated to corruption in the form of bribes, “envelopes”, personal or other rebates. In this respect, π · lot can not be held responsible for the actions, rules and policies of its principals in this area.
  • Commercial agents may only be selected and remunerated if they operate in accordance with applicable laws. All contracts and agreements with these representatives and agents must be in writing, signed by the person legally able to do so.
  • The sales agents, collaborators and representatives of π · lot can accept commercial gifts of a symbolic value (advertising for example), as long as these presents remain without influence on the professional activities and are not illicit.
  • π · lot can not in any way engage its responsibility for the assurance of an ethical practice and the chosen company’s policy regarding various business relations, and concerning the different regulations and conditions that we set ourselves to follow and to respect. This is true for our clients as well as for the different providers contacted through our consulting activities, as well as for our own needs.
  • π · lot encourages and respects, within its sphere of influence, the protection of Human Rights, as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations, as well as the fundamental conventions of the International Organization Labor, in particular the elimination of all forms of forced labor and child labor as defined by the ILO, and makes it a prime criterion in the management of its suppliers and subcontractors, as well as those proposed to our constituents because of our activities.
  • By correlation to this Chart of Ethics, no mandate will be considered, if the objectives of this one are not legal and not in conformity with the laws and regulations in force. π · lot can not therefore offer business partners to its customers, including employing children. π · lot therefore invites its employees, employees and representatives to scrupulously monitor this aspect, in the case of suppliers selected on behalf of π · lot, who have not signed the Universal Declaration.
  • π · lot is environmentally friendly, and within its sphere of influence and at the level of π · lot purchasing, it takes every initiative to promote a more responsible attitude in this area and encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies (recyclable or reusable packaging, etc.) π · lot strictly guarantees the confidentiality of any personal, economic, manufacturing and manufacturing secret data, directly related or indirectly to the production, management and / or organization of its partners, whatever they may be. From then on, all our activities and all internal and external data processing will be handled with perfect discretion.


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