Our incoming seminars

Our incoming seminars2019-08-21T17:38:27+02:00

Each semester, we give a seminar day on the following topics, alternately:

Methods and tools

Économies significatives et sécurité pour tout acte d’achat

Negociation techniques

Prendre place à la table des maitres du jeu

Sly intelligence

Astuces d’une communication visant à faire converger les intérêts des parties en présence

Contracts and official documents

S’affirmer et agir pour préserver son entreprise


These various programs are acclaimed by independents and managers of SMEs and SMIs in industry, services or distribution.

TPEs and Start ups, in search of funding, are also represented in the participants of our seminars, just like project managers are attached to international structures.


Offer everyone the opportunity to access techniques and methods reserved for an elite of leaders, which will enable you to achieve immediately appreciable results.

Price and organization

Each seminar takes place over one day, in one of our partner hotel establishments; the registration is CHF 330.- per person including tax deductible from your gross income, according to the tax standards in force, equipment, certificate and meals included. Our terms and conditions apply.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us by email or by phone at 078 626 83 14 for dates and locations of upcoming sessions.


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